Fashion Design

Fashion Design

The Program


The Fashion Design Program introduces students to the world of fashion techniques and fashion itself. Through this program, they acquire notions in fashion illustration, cut, confection, pattern, molding and graphic design, in order to develop in group a collection of five outfits, accompanied by a Collection Book. The end of the project is highlighted by a fashion show in front of an audience.


  • 0. Groundwork

  • 1. Introducing the project

  • 2. Exploration of design elements

  • 3. Designing the group collection

  • 4. Planning and assigning of roles

  • 5. Prototyping

  • 6. Crafting the collection

  • 7. Participating to the end-of-year event

  • 8. Retrospection

  • 9. Preparing and presenting a local event

By the Numbers

6 mentors

7 coordinators university students or recent graduates

10 schools across Quebec

116 targeted youth focus of the project

Rising Fashion Gala

The Rising Fashion challenge introduces young high school students to fashion design by empowering them with the tools to draw sketches and create their own collections.

This year’s theme is: “Our Universe”.

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