Academic support


The purpose of the Academic Support program is to ease the transition from elementary school to high school for students with difficulties. These 5th and 6th graders and Secondary 1 and 2 students are singled out by the administration and teachers.

Each student receives 30 hours one-on-one tutoring in French and/or Math.


The Academic Support program is structured as a personalized intervention, with dynamic tutors who are effective motivators and encourage students to put in the work required to improve their academic performance.

Parents are involved in the process from the outset. The lessons are given at the student’s home or school, or at the School Success tutoring centre..

Here are some of the findings we observed in 2014-2015:

  • 14 % of tutored students averaged above 75% in French,
  • 16 % of tutored students averaged above 75% in Math,
  • 5.3 % increase in average Math score, from level 1 to 3.


“I enjoyed working with my tutor. She carefully explained what I did not understand. What I appreciated the most was that she never gave up, even when I felt discouraged.