Arts & culture


The Arts & Culture program offers various projects.
Students develop creative and conceptual aptitudes in the visual arts, explore the world of music and experiment with different musical genres, or embrace the stage and live theatre in a creative, innovative way.

Arts & Culture spans various components:

  • Visual and digital arts
  • Songwriting and music composition
  • Opera
  • Theatre


The Project coordinator becomes the students’ artistic mentors , and also help them develop the following soft skills in the process:

  • cooperation,
  • critical thinking,
  • structuring ideas.

In Inuit Communities, the Project coordinator develops live performance activities, especialy in the form of music workshops, which give students the opportunity to express themselves creatively, while also offering them the chance to grow more confident and determined. After several months of being involved in the program, the students put on a local concert for the community and perform alongside Inuit guest artists. Some go on to perform at the regional concert.


“My group consisted of students from regular and welcome classes. At the beginning of the year, they struggled to communicate. They eventually learned to understand one another and put together a circus number.