Healthy living


The Healthy Living program focuses on the Inuit and First Nations Communities, from James Bay to Nunavik.

The program is primarily aimed at fostering regular physical activity and healthy eating habits.


Studies have shown that doing well in school and practicing a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand. This is about supporting an important public health matter for communities. Our Healthy Living activities cover:

  • healthy cooking,
  • personal fitness,
  • outdoor events,
  • sport tournaments, etc.

The cooking classes advocate recipes based on the aboriginal culinary tradition of using food items sourced locally. Alternative forms of physical education, such as fitness, intramural cosom hockey (a traditional aboriginal sport) and Pow Wow bootcamp classes, are offered to motivate students who do not participate in conventional sports classes.

84% of aboriginal students surveyed feel that Youth Fusion’s activities have rendered them more active and healthier.


“There is a direct link between the activities of Youth Fusion and school attendance levels. The only day I have a full class is the day we hold our healthy cooking activity.