Media & Cinema


The Media & Cinema program allows students to participate in our CLIP project.

They explore the cinematic world by learning to write a screenplay, using all technical tools necessary for sound recording, framing, lighting, etc.


Media and cinema project by the numbers

17 projects coordinators, university students or recent gratuates

28 schools across Quebec
420 youth at risk focus of project

Throughout the school year, students go through different stages of film-making :

Phase 1 – Exploration
Phase 2 – Creation
Phase 3 – Production
Phase 4 – Promotion
Phase 5 – Gala

Youth involved in this project are making a 3 minutes film around a specific theme announced at the beginning of the year. Their production is presented in an official competition before a jury of professionals, during the CLIP Gala.

The Media & Cinema field is also in the Inuit and First Nations Communities.

CLIP 2018