The Program

High school grades 1 to 5

The Cinema Program provides students with an opportunity to explore the world of cinema as well as all the components related to this industry’s structure. Students get to experience each step of a film production, namely scriptwriting, acting for the camera, handling film equipment, preparing and managing a movie set, seeing to the sound, costume and set design, etc. Not only do they develop critical thinking, they learn to leverage their creativity as they take on the entire creation of a short film.


  • 0. Groundwork

  • 1. Introducing the project

  • 2. Ideation

  • 3. Scene-to-scene

  • 4. Script

  • 5. Pre-production

  • 6. Production

  • 7. Post-production

  • 8. Participating to the end-of-year event

  • 9. Retrospection

By the Numbers

14 mentors

25 coordinators university students or recent graduates

31 schools in Quebec and Ontario

705 youth at risk focus of the project

Student's projects