The Program

The Cinema program allows students to participate in our CLIP project.

They explore the cinematic world by learning to write a screenplay, using all technical tools necessary for sound recording, framing, lighting, etc.


Throughout the school year, students go through different stages of film-making :
  • Phase 1 – Exploration
  • Phase 2 – Creation
  • Phase 3 – Production
  • Phase 4 – Promotion
  • Phase 5 – Gala
Youth involved in this project are making a 3 minutes film around a specific theme announced at the beginning of the year. Their production is presented in an official competition before a jury of professionals, during the CLIP Gala.The Media & Cinema field is also in the Inuit and First Nations Communities.

By the Numbers

5 mentors

16 coordinators university students or recent graduates

21 schools in Quebec and Ontario

250 youth at risk focus of the project


CLIP Project 2018