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Tomorrow’s Curators Embracing World Cultures
J.A. DeSève Gallery
Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavilion – Level S1
June 11 – September 15, 2019
Free admission!

Montreal, June 11, 2019 – In collaboration with Youth Fusion, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) is pleased to present Youth Fusion: This is Our World. Tomorrow’s Curators Embracing World Cultures. This exhibition was produced for the BNP Paribas Foundation’s Dream Up program. It is a testament to the creative and artistic worlds of the Montreal-area students who created it. Make way for the curators of tomorrow!

This educational project, which encourages student retention, is available for free. It brings together high school students from Pierre-Dupuy, Le Vitrail, Chomedey-De Maisonneuve and Académie Dunton schools in the Commission scolaire de Montréal. Referring to works from the Museum’s World Cultures collections, students have responded to the theme “Our Universe” with their observations and creations. The thought-provoking intercultural crossroads these young artists have co-created prompts us to consider the many points of view that coexist in our shared space.

For this ambitious large-scale project, the students met with curators and educational facilitators to learn about museum professions while acquiring skills they used to mount an exhibition that lived up to their expectations. The exhibition is the result of the third collaboration with Youth Fusion, an organization that encourages students to stay in school, as part of their Exhibition Curators program. The two earlier exhibitions took place during the exhibitions From Africa to the Americas: Face-to-face Picasso, Past and Present in 2018 and Revolution in 2017.

Student quotations:

“For me, world cultures are the different traditions and beliefs from all over the planet. It’s a chance to learn a lot of things and share our knowledge.”

– Mélia Tremblay

“My definition of world cultures is the importance of each of the objects that come from here and elsewhere, it’s their meaning, the reasons they exist and the stories they tell. Because all these objects stand for something important.”

– Annette Ambele

“World cultures are our society’s open mindedness and understanding.”

– Anonymous


An EducExpo organized by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Youth Fusion, in collaboration with the Commission scolaire de Montréal, as part of the BNP Paribas Foundation Dream Up program.

About Youth Fusion

Youth Fusion is a bilingual, job-creating charity that contributes to student retention, employability and civic engagement of targeted youth by developing innovative experiential learning projects that create ongoing links between school systems and the community. Every week, we work with more than 13,000 young people in more than 200 schools in rural, urban and Indigenous communities, including more than 4,700 youths in 23 Inuit and First Nations communities.

THE MMFA: a dynamic educational and cultural hub

Education is central to the MMFA’s mission. Every year, tens of thousands of students take part in tours and art workshops, which offer many opportunities for learning through art. The MMFA fosters access to culture and runs numerous projects aimed at promoting inclusion and encouraging students to stay in school, notably in cooperation with Une école montréalaise pour tous, Breakfast Club of Canada, Youth Fusion and the borough of Montréal-Nord. With its online educational resource, it makes its collection available to secondary schools throughout Quebec. The MMFA aspires to be a “museum-school,” offering teachers the possibility of teaching their classes at the Museum, in a unique learning environment that encourages student success and development.


Michel de la Chenelière International Atelier for Education and Art Therapy

Major Patron: Fondation de la Chenelière

Dream Up program

With support of: BNP Paribas

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About the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Drawing over 1 million visitors annually, the MMFA is one of the most visited museum in Canada and North America. Its highly original temporary exhibitions combine various artistic disciplines – fine arts, music, film, fashion and design – and are exported to the four corners of the world. Its rich encyclopedic collection, displayed in its five pavilions, includes international art, world cultures, decorative arts and design, and Quebec and Canadian art. The Museum has seen exceptional growth in recent years with the addition of two new pavilions: the Claire and Marc Bourgie Pavilion, in 2011, and the Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion for Peace, in 2016. The MMFA complex also includes Bourgie Hall, a 460-seat concert hall, as well as an auditorium and a movie theatre. The MMFA is one of Canada’s leading publishers of art books in French and English, which are distributed internationally. The Museum also houses the Michel de la Chenelière International Atelier for Education and Art Therapy, the largest educational complex in a North American art museum, enabling the MMFA to offer innovative educational, wellness and art therapy programmes.

Youth Fusion Celebrates Student Success at Future Education Festival, Toronto

TORONTO, ONTARIO, May 23rd, 2019 – Youth Fusion is pleased to announced the success of the first ever Ontario installment of the Future Education Festival, on May 23rd and 24th, at the brilliantly captivating Evergreen Brick Works and the glitzy Yonge-Dundas Cineplex Cinemas.

The job-creating organisation welcomed approximately 700 students ranging in age from 12 to 18 years old, from dozens of schools across the province, to join fellow students in a celebration of their finished work in Youth Fusion’s experiential learning projects aimed at developing employment readiness and 21st century global competencies, including Cinema, Media Production, Environmental Design, Video Game Design and Robotics. This event is a Torontonian take on the flagship, Montreal event, which is preparing for their latest installment this coming week.

The festival brought together industry partners, professional mentors, and post-secondary institutions to support the youth, to encourage them to pursue potential training and employment opportunities they otherwise might not have been able to access. Representatives included partnered post-secondary institutions: OCAD University, Durham College, Ontario Tech University, Carleton University, and Confederation College, and l’Université Saint Paul.

Guest speakers included Cam Collyer, Executive Director of Evergreen Brick Works, Heather Steele, Director of Communications for Ubisoft Toronto, Ontario’s largest game development studio, and representatives from RBC. Judges for the Youth Fusion awards include representatives from the National Film Board of Canada, DOC, TFO, and the Conservation Authority. Also joining in the festivities were representatives of major partners including award sponsorship by Landscape Ontario, The City of Toronto and partnering sponsors PWC, the Counselling Foundation, and the Azrieli Foundation.

Fast Facts

  • Youth Fusion operates in 25 schools, province wide, ranging from grades 1 to 12
  • Youth Fusion was listed as one of the top 100 Canadian charities by Macleans in 2018 and 2019
  • Youth Fusion is nationally celebrating their tenth year working and partnering with Indigenous communities across Québec and Ontario
  • Follow the company on Instagram @fusion_jeunesse and the Toronto festival @future.ed.festival

 About Youth Fusion

Youth Fusion is a bilingual, job-creating charity that contributes to school perseverance, employability and civic engagement of targeted youth by developing innovative experiential learning projects that create ongoing links between school systems and the community. Every week, we work with over 13,000 young people in over 200 schools in rural, urban and Indigenous communities, including 4700 youth in 23 Inuit and First Nations communities.


Contact Information

Kathleen Hemsworth

Youth Fusion/Fusion Jeunesse

Ontario Communications and Event Manager


T : 416-453-2209

Youth Fusion – 10 Years of Working with Indigenous Communities

Youth Fusion and TDSB Sign Three-Year Agreement to Bring Video Games into the Classroom

TORONTO, APRIL 23RD, 2019 – Youth Fusion announced a three-year agreement with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) to provide full-year experiential learning programs to its secondary school students through the Video Game Creation Program. Developed in partnership with video game industry leader Ubisoft, students will learn how to design, develop, and market their own video game through the program.

“Over 23 Million Canadians play video games. For younger players, they are a way to learn, explore, and connect with friends,” [1] said Rima Brek, Associate Managing Director, Ubisoft Toronto. “We are proud to partner with Youth Fusion on this innovative program that provides students with the opportunity to develop increasingly valuable STEAM-focused skills needed for the jobs of the future, by learning how to make their own video game.”

Youth Fusion will bring their full-year programming to the TDSB in September 2019, integrating 21st century skills development, applicable to their Information Communications Technology Specialist High Skills Major certification. Through the program, youth have the opportunity to develop job-ready skill sets applicable to the technology industry through mentorship from university students and expert developers at Ubisoft Toronto, Ontario’s largest game development studio.

Experiential learning at its optimum, where art and creativity marry programming,” says Principal Sam Miceli of George Harvey Collegiate Institute, “our pupils are psyched!”

Fast Facts

  • Youth Fusion introduced the Video Game Creation Program as a pilot in Quebec schools in 2014
  • Since then over 25 schools in Quebec and Ontario have taken part in the program
  • 65 TDSB students from George Harvey Collegiate Institute and Kipling Collegiate Institute participated in a four-month pilot project of the program in 2018-2019
  • Across its history, over 500 marginalized youth have been positively impacted by the program


About Youth Fusion

Youth Fusion is an award-winning charity that contributes to the persistence in school, employability and civic engagement of youth by developing innovative experiential learning projects that create ongoing links between school systems and the community. Every week, we work with 15,000 young people in over 250 schools in rural, urban and Indigenous communities.