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    Rose Lyndsay Daudier

    Executive Director, Youth Fusion and FIRST Robotics Quebec

    Rose Lyndsay Daudier is the Executive Director at Youth Fusion and Robotics FIRST Québec, two charitable organizations whose mission is to contribute to school perseverance, employability and civic engagement. The organization integrates innovative experiential learning projects that create ongoing links between the school and the community.

    Rose Lyndsay works to maximize collaborations that will increase the social impact landscape. As an engaged intratrepreneur, she aims to establish links between initiatives and to magnify their impact. She brings together entrepreneurs, citizens, academics, technology experts, and any relevant player or community, to remove the barriers between an idea, its impact and its implementation.

    In the past, Rose Lyndsay has served as Acting Director and Social Innovator-in-Residence of the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation’s Cities for People program. She also worked in the Government of Québec, where, as a political attaché for the Minister of Culture and Communications, she dealt, among other things, with issues relating to Montréal, planning, heritage, museums and advised the government on training.


    Involvment and recognition
    2021 WINNER of the Gala Luminescence in the “Growth and Performance” category
    2021 Member of the Partners Committee – Youth Action Plan for 2021-2024, Secrétariat à la jeunesse
    2021 Finalist for the Quebec Women in Business Award – Team Leader – Organization or social enterprise
    2021 Administrator – Musée de la civilisation
    2021 Member (representative of the civil society)
    Multidisciplinary Expert Committee on Architecture and Urban Integration of the REM de l’Est – CDPQ Infra
    2021 Administrator – Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA – Quebec Division)
    2021 Business feature reporter for Zone économie – RDI Radio-Canada
    2020 Member of the Knowledge Centre Committee – Ville de Prévost
    2020/… Administrator – Groupe 3737
    2020 Member of the 3rd group – Excellence Québec
    2018 Administrator – The KANPE Foundation
    2018 Greater Montreal Attractiveness Forum – Montréal International
    2017 Cofounder and Mentor – (innovation in education)
    2016 Wisdom Committee – Institut des générations
    2020 Jury Member for the Charette Vision 2050 Competition – Ville de Montréal
    2020 Member of the McCall MacBain Scholarship Selection – McGill University
    2019/2020 Mentor (Integration) – The Newcomer Office, Ville de Montréal
    2019 Vice President of the Citizen Engagement Governance Committee – BMO
    2018/2020 Member of the Council – Ordre des arts et des lettres du Québec
    2016/2019 Chair of the Board – La Pépinière | Espaces collectifs
    2016/2019 Board Member – Conseil des Montréalaises
    2017/2019 Board Member and Co-Chair of Youth Cultural Citizenship Commission – Culture Montréal
    2017/2019 Board Member – 2 Mondes Theatre
    2018 Jury Member for the Place des Montréalaises Competition – Ville de Montréal
    Mars 2018 Célébrer le succès Ambassadrice «  Innovation  » – Journal Les Affaires
    2018 Honorary Committee, Benefit Shows – Centre du Théâtre d’aujourd’hui
    2017/2018 Jury Member – Place des Montréalaises, Ville de Montréal
    2017 Member of the Tribu18 Programming Committee – INM
    2017 Vanguards (selection of the top 40 urban innovators) – Next City
    2017 Social Engagement Laureate Black History Month
    2017 Main speaker, TV5 – Port d’attache spécial Montréal 375e
    2016/2017 Member of Vital Signs Strategic Committee – Foundation of Greater Montréal
    2015/2017 Member of the International Black Economic Forum

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