by Aza St-Hill

“Hello, my name is Aza St-Hill. I am 15 years old. I speak English, French and just a little bit a Japanese. I like music, art, anime, manga, pastel colours/clothes, Japan and really big sweaters.

My Drawing is inspired by one of my favourite singer Melanie Matinez also known as a CryBaby. The hoodie zips up all the way over the face to create the face of Melanie crying. The hood is in two colours to represents her hair and how it is half one colour and half bleak. The sleeves are transparent to recreate her tattoos sleeves that have sippy cups and cookies on it. And the baby bottle to advertise her new perfume “Milk”. The torso is blue to represents tears. This outfit is for boys and girls.”

SCHOOL : James Lyng
AGE : 15 year old

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