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    The mentorship program

    In order to ensure a better match between training and employment, the Youth Fusion model encourages the contribution of professionals from different disciplines who act as mentors. They share their passion and use their expertise, skills and knowledge to support the students involved in the project.

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    Valérie Heurtelou
    Director – Programs – Pedagogical Innovation and Impact Assesment


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    It is heartwarming seeing students of all ages so focused on creating a brighter future. They have so much energy, so much passion, and it makes me feel very lucky to be able to help them channel this passion and energy. I have mentored students in primary school and in high school. As much as I am supposed to be the mentor, I have also learned from the students.
    Sean Arani, the founder of the company Arani, is a mentor our entrepreneurship program.
    To hear from a student that she would not have thought of collaborating with her group because they did not share the same opinion, but that in the end they managed to discuss and reach a common agreement while forgetting their differences, makes you proud ! This is both encouraging for the Environmental Design project, but also for the adults they will become. Here the students, like the mentor, learn in all dimensions.
    Julie Vibert, is an independent landscape architect, and mentor in our environmental design program.
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