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Become a volunteer at our
Future Education Festival

The Future Education Festival (FEF) is a festive event that showcases the efforts made by youth throughout the year. The festivities provide an opportunity for participating students, teachers, school principals and project coordinators from different parts of the province to meet, share their expertise and passion, and to celebrate the work accomplished during the school year, while it is also an opportunity for them to showcase their projects to their peers and industry professionals, as well as to develop their sense of belonging to the Youth Fusion community.

The FEF is held at the end of the school year and takes place over several days. Dates for the next FEF are coming up !

We have several positions to fill for general logistics, support and animation of activities, accompaniment of school groups and much more !

Would you like to get involved in our great end-of-year event ?
Are you looking for an opportunity to do corporate volunteering ?

For more information, please contact the Manager for Volunteering and Mentoring,
Lara Holstein, at
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