POSITION TITLE:Digital Platform Manager
CONDITIONS:One-year temporary contract, with possibility of renewal

Starting date: As soon as possible

Schedule: 25 hours per week

REGION:Downtown Montreal (Remote work until further notice)
SALARY:To discuss
OTHER BENEFITS:Flexible schedule


Our vision

For every youth to achieve success in school by discovering, nurturing and promoting their abilities, with the support of the school and community ecosystem.

Our mission

Promote persistence in school by creating continued bonds between the school system and the community, while implementing pedagogical, practical and innovating projects destined for targeted youth to contribute to their education, their socialization and their skills.


Description of the organization

Formed in 2008, Youth Fusion is an organization whose mission is to contribute to persistence in school, employability and civil engagement of youth by implementing innovating experiential learning project that create continued bond between the school environment and the community. The objective is that each youth achieve educational success by discovering, nurturing and promoting their abilities, with the support of the school and community ecosystem. The projects motivate at-risk youth to surpass themselves in creative ways, to get involved more in their school success and inspire their sense of belonging to the school.

During the whole year, the youth take part in a supervised, evolving group project in which they play different roles, pursuing specific objectives that lead to a concrete and collective achievement. A direct and constant implication in the project over a long period allows the youth to grow in a continued manner, in addition to favoring responsibility, a sense of belonging in relation to the common objective and a feeling of pride and accomplishment at the end of the project. The project, lead by a project coordinator hired by Youth Fusion, are made in class and involve the teacher as well as mentors that come from professional environment.



Operating under the authority of the directorate of programming, evaluation and development, you will be responsible of Youth Fusion’s digital platform. Your mandate will be to manage platform accesses and offer basic technical support to users, help collect utilization metrics, and propose and configure upgrades for the platform, with the help of the programmer and the provider (when applicable). In addition, you will be responsible for the document management of integrated contents and the retrieval of backups. You will work in close collaboration with the pedagogical programming team, the project manager in relation with the former members and the operations team.

Youth Fusion’s online platforms:

  • Online school (Moodle environment, developed by Pluto LMS)
  • Fusion Connexion (Alumni Space, developed by Hivebrite)
  • Digital library (Omeka, free software, GPL licence)



More specifically, your role consists of:

Users account management

  • Import massive number of users at the start of the year and ensure the integration of users during the year
  • Manage user databases inside and outside the platforms (saving, information confidentiality, etc.)
  • Update roles, accesses and user information
  • Propose processes to link user accounts between the platforms (e.g.: SSO)

Metrics management

  • Implement/Update search segments in Google Analytics
  • Collect utilization metrics (KPI) with Google Analytics
  • Manage databases
  • Perform basic analysis

Users support

  • Train and support the people in charge of front-line support (password, registering, etc.)
  • Offer second-line technical support (lost document, class section unavailable, information access request, etc.)
  • Communicate with the providers of the platforms to receive additional support
  • Collect data linked to support requests and user experience for analysis purposes

Update and upgrade of the platforms

  • Make upgrade suggestions for the platforms
  • Set up the basic upgrades
  • Work with the platform providers to integrate additional upgrades
  • Clean up the platforms at the end of every school year

Manage external content

  • Recover content backups and archive them in our server
  • Update the tree structure and classification plan
  • Ensure the respect of the user rules of saved documents
  • Offer support to employees that must use the saved resources

 You will also be invited to participate in different optimization projects for databases management and content management that can come from other departments of the organization.




  • Completed college diploma in Computer Science or another relevant field for the position



  • Databases management experience
  • Experience working with an LMS (asset)
  • Experience working for a charitable organization or a non-profit organization

Knowledge and skills required

  • Comfortable with computer tools
  • Excellent understanding of Excel and CSV
  • Basic understanding of Google Analytics and KPI analysis
  • Good understanding of SharePoint
  • Basic skills in development, an asset (e.g.: HTML, CSS)


  • Good language proficiency in French and English, both spoken and written.


  • Microsoft 365
  • Moodle



Please submit all applications to candidatures@fusionjeunesse.org. Only qualified candidates will be selected for interviews. Youth Fusion is an equal opportunity employer and we are happy to make any accommodations needed to ensure a comfortable interview process for all candidates. Candidates from Indigenous, racialized, 2SLGBTQ+, and other marginalized communities are encouraged to self-identify in their application.