Your role will be to enable a group of students (elementary, high school or special education) to become creatively, conceptually and socially fluent in environmental design and sustainability. The project’s purpose is to sensitize students to the environment around them, and to also encourage them to find plausible solutions to local social and environmental issues. Via workshops and interactive field trips, you will shepherd your students through the various stages of putting together a design project, from idea to presentation. The students will create an environmental design project which is a legacy for both their school and their neighborhood. To do so, the students will complete an environmental analysis, a public consultation, design their project through computer or hand-made 2D and 3D drawings, and construct scalable models and photo portfolios, which will ultimately lead to the actual construction of the project.



  • Part-time: up to 8 hours per week, per project. It’s possible to combine several projects.
  • Salary: $16.00 per hour.
  • Contract duration: September of the current year to June of the following year. Possibility of contract renewal.
  • Employment region: Greater Montreal, North Shore and South Shore.
  • Schedule: Flexible and regular schedule based on availability of coordinator and school site.



  • Guide the students through their site analysis and their selection of an environmental problem to tackle with this project;
  • Be able to draw, design and build a development project with the students and their community;
  • Facilitate activities associated with the greening of school grounds or chosen build site



  • Having the students benefit from your expertise by putting forward projects that are integrative, stimulating and diverse;
  • Working closely with the school’s teachers and administrators, and Youth Fusion officials, in order to maximize the project’s impact and awareness within the school;
  • Maintaining a professional relationship with the school (diligent attendance, communications, adherence to the culture and rules of the school environment, etc.);
  • Taking initiative, being creative and a self-starter, in order to effectively contribute to the project’s execution and success;
  • Attending team and progress meetings;
  • Supervising the students and looking after their safety;
  • When needed, representing Youth Fusion, the sponsoring post-secondary institution or the project itself before our partners;
  • Drafting the appropriate reports (midway progress and final reports) as scheduled;
  • Prepare for and participate in the year-end events to showcase the students’ success.





  • Currently enrolled in a college or university program, related to design (environmental, urban planning, architecture, landscape, industrial or interior).



  • Experience working and interacting with youth;
  • Able to organize exhibits and shows;
  • Able to develop a design project (conception, drawing, model, realization, etc.);
  • At least one (1) of the following software:
      1. Sketchup;
      2. Autocad;
      3. Tinkercad;
      4. Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator).


Will be considered as an asset

  • Knowledge of the environment, carpentry, urban agriculture, construction of short-term or temporary development projects;
  • Any experience in coordinating a multidisciplinary project;
  • Any experience working with children with learning or behavioural difficulties;
  • Volunteer work or any other tangible experience working with youth (day or vacation camps, tutoring, etc.);
  • Ability to organize and facilitate activities;
  • Must have a strong desire to be a role model for the school’s students, and act as an agent of social change.



  • Spoken and written English;
  • Spoken and written French (an asset, as some schools are French speaking).



Verification is required to work with a vulnerable clientele. This check is done during the hiring.



To apply, send your resume to We only contact applicants who meet our needs and criteria.


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