Your mandate will be to introduce elementary AND/OR high school students to the entire process of developing and promoting a video game. To do so, you lead a weekly experiential and pedagogical project within a classroom. This program is supported by our exclusive partner Ubisoft, which offers various technical trainings to support you in your tasks. Additionally, each project is paired with a mentor from the video game industry which visits its group each year. Additionally, each project is paired with a mentor from the video game industry, which visits the group at various time during the year and provides feedback.

As project coordinator, your role will be to guide students through the various steps of the project (idea development, prototyping, production, postproduction and marketing). By the end of the project, the students are expected to have acquired team work abilities, technical skills and knowledge pertaining to the video game design industry.


  • Part-time: up to 8 hours a week, per project
  • Possibility for more than one contract
  • $14,50/hour
  • September to May
  • Greater Montréal, North Shore and South Shore
  • Possibility of renewing the contract
  • Flexible and regular hours: the schedule is established in consideration of your University courses


Send your resume to We only contact applicants who meet our needs and criteria.


  • Transmitting the vocabulary and knowledge linked to video game design;
  • Helping participants develop an analytical and critical view of video game;
  • Supporting the participants through all steps of the development and promotion of a video game;
  • Creating and leading activities that focus on teaching technological skills, idea development, project pitching and branding, project-management and playtests;
  • Demonstrating to the participants how to export the final game from the game design engine.


  • Having the students benefit from your expertise by putting forward an integrated and stimulating project and varied activities;
  • Working closely with the school’s teachers and administrators, and Youth Fusion officials, in order to maximize the project’s impact and awareness within the school;
  • Respect and incarnate the mission and values of Youth Fusion, consisting in promoting and influencing positively school perseverance and success;
  • Maintaining a professional relationship with the school staff and the representatives of Youth Fusion;
  • Contribute to promote self-expression and self-worth of the participants, and perseverance through an experiential approach;
  • Respond efficiently to the realization and success of the project by taking initiative, being creative, organized and dynamic.
  • Attending team meetings and trainings;
  • Supervising the students and looking after their safety;
  • Drafting quality reports as scheduled.
  • When needed, representing Youth Fusion, the sponsoring university or the project itself before our partners;
  • Participate to an end-of-year event with the students.



  • Currently pursuing or recently graduated from a higher education degree in a field related to video game, computer arts or new technologies.


  1. Experience working and interacting with elementary or high school kids
  2. At least two (2) of the following:
  3. Basic programming skills;
  4. Game or level design experience;
  5. Project management experience;
  6. Illustration and animation skills;
  7. Sound design or musical composition skills.

 Will be considered an advantage

  • Any experience working with children or teenagers with learning or behavior difficulties
  • Knowledge of Construct 2 or 3
  • Pixel Art Skills;
  • Music theory knowledge.


  • Spoken and written English
  • Spoken and written French (for francophone or bilingual projects)


A criminal background check and vulnerable sector screening is required for this position. This confidential verification is done at hiring.