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  • Sparking the passions of youth through experiential learning education

    Youth Fusion, in collaboration with the Fondation du Maire de Montréal, will encourage 1125 students to pursue their studies by awarding 1125 scholarships of $2,000 each. Between the months of October and June, it is possible to submit an application file.

    You are in secondary 3,4 or 5. Give yourself the means to meet your goals.

    You are an adult, part of the ecosystem of an inspiring student, who has dreams, projects or who just needs a little help. Support them in the pursuit of their studies.  They will thank you later on.

    Interested ?


    What do we mean by “leadership” ?

    Leadership can be shown in many ways. A leader can be a role model for others, a unifying and persevering force, who helps others and stays motivated during difficult times. A leader is inclusive, accepting of differences, fostering teamwork and community spirit to advance projects that are important to them.

    Being a leader is not only for individuals in positions of power; it can be an act of commitment, an act of growth, ac act of living. Leadership is a very broad term because everyone is a leader in their own way.

    How to benefit from it ?

    Candidates must demonstrate a desire to pursue their studies, show leadership skills, school/community involvement or a desire to pursue a dream or a passion.

    The jury will analyze each application based on evaluation criteria, while making sure to be inclusive, encouraging diversity, ensuring gender parity and equitable socio-demographic representation.

    Youth Fusion wishes to contribute to reducing the dropout rate by rewarding perseverance and highlighting student leadership.

    Who is concerned ?

    You are eligible to submit your application to this scholarship
    if you have read the RULES OF PARTICIPATION
    and meet the three following criteria:



    …enrolled in general youth education in secondary 3, 4, or 5 (grades 9, 10 or 11), be older than 15 years old.

    Specialized classes, Prework Training program (PWT), Training for a Semiskilled Trade (TST), Introduction to Vocational Training (IVT), Learning Difficulties Classes (LD Classes), mild/moderate intellectual disability, etc. are eligible.

    CEGEP students from Indigenous communities, involved with Youth Fusion, can apply.



    ……participated in Youth Fusion or FIRST Robotics Quebec programs…


    …be part of Youth Fusion’s community.

    Be part of a high school or an initiative related to Youth Fusion or FIRST Robotics Quebec.



    …motivated or willing to pursue full-time post-secondary studies in a vocational, college or university program at school in MONTREAL.

    A look at the 2020 ceremony

    Evaluation criteria

    LEADERS MTL Scholarships will be awarded by an independent jury co-chaired by Monique F. Leroux, Co-President of the Society for the 375th and the first woman president of the Desjardins Group, France Chrétien-Desmarais, President of the Society for the 375th, a representative of the Fondation du Maire de Montréal and Gabriel Bran Lopez, Founding President of Youth Fusion.

    Evaluation criteria
    Personal Development
    • Demonstration of leadership and initiative
    • Ability to recognize and apply strengths
    • Ability to continuously improve
    Involvement in the school or community
    • Working for and with others to find and implement solutions to problems.
    • Pursue passion/interests outside of the classroom.
    Skills development that promote leadership or academic perseverance
    Overall appreciation of the application

    Interested ?

    Write to us for any questions

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