In order to create closer links between training and employment, Youth Fusion’s model encourages professionals in a variety of disciplines to get involved and act as mentors for at-risk primary and high school students.

What is a mentor?

A Youth Fusion mentor has professional experience in one of the following areas:

+   Digital and visual arts
+   Environmental design
+   Fashion design
+   Entrepreneurship
+   Opera or dramatic arts
+   Songwriting and music composition
+   Video game creation
+   Robotics
+   Science & technology
+   Media & Cinema

A mentor tries to communicate their passion and leverage their expertise, skills and knowledge in order to guide and support at-risk students for a few hours per month as part of an innovative educational project.

A mentor is a role model, a guide, an advisor, a motivator and a source of inspiration!

WHY become a mentor?

Contribute directly to:

+   Lowering student dropout rates in primary and high school
+   Encouraging students to stay in school and creating links between training and employment
+   Highlighting the talents and strengths of at-risk students
+   Encouraging and motivating these students to continue their studies
+   Broadening their job and career prospects
+   Lighting the spark and giving them wings!

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