Youth Fusion developed an effective and innovative model that transcends pure mentoring: hiring post-secondary students to work 10 to 30 hours a week with at-risk students, in class or in an extracurricular capacity, for 34-37 weeks, i.e. the entire school year, on educational projects spanning 16 different fields.

In addition to working alongside grade or high schoolers on projects related to their academic field, these post-secondary students also develop a close bond with their students, which helps nurture continuity and perseverance.

Employees from businesses and community organizations operating in sectors tied to the projects are also brought in as mentors and assigned to schools to introduce students to career options and also shepherd them through the process of completing their projects. These organizations consequently promote not only “expertise volunteering” among their employees but also the thriving opportunities and the needed skills in their sector.

Youth Fusion therefore offers a continuum of interventions ranging from elementary schools to the industry, and contributes to creating closer links between training and employment while working to lower dropout rates.