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    Science & Technology

    The program


    This program aims to introduce the students to the world of science by allowing them to concretely explore scientific phenomena in their environment through various experiential and educational activities. By following the scientific approach, the students target a problem in their environment, explore it through different scientific angles and propose a solution based on their research and analysis. Throughout the year, the students involve various people in their community using a participatory approach. Finally, the students will try to solve the problem by concretely applying the solution they have developed during the course of the project.

    Students apply what they learn in their science courses. Our project coordinators allow them to discover new and enriching facets through workshops, competitions, and school trips.

    The objective is to develop knowledge and skills in the scientific field, to popularize certain subjects so that youth can understand them and form an opinion.

    The activities stimulate curiosity, the desire to discover or understand, and offer an enlightened look at careers and fields of study related to science.

    Here are some of the activities offered to students of all levels:

    • Assembling a basic radio.
    • Designing and building a clock using Earth’s gravity.
    • Workshops on solar energy.
    • Functioning of the brain, studying reflexes and senses.
    • Making a paper airplane, studying aerodynamics and flight, etc.

    The Science and Technology project is also available in First Nations and Inuit communities from James Bay to Nunavik.


    • 0. Groundwork

    • 1. Introducing the project

    • 2. Exploring the environment

    • 3. Choosing an issue

    • 4. Delving into the issue

    • 5. Planning the expedition

    • 6. Preparing the expedition

    • 7. Participating in the end-of-year event

    • 8. Retrospection

    By the numbers

    5coordinatorsétudiants universitaires ou récents diplômés


    6participating classes

    168targeted youthfocus of the project

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