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Video Game Creation

Video Game Creation

The Program

In the Video Game Creation project, the students form teams and go through the steps of designing, producing and promoting a video game:

  • Pre-production,
  • Production,
  • Post-production


It is a learning experience that spans various disciplines and serves as a gateway to the types of jobs the industry offers. Students also develop:

  • teamwork abilities,
  • creative problem solving,
  • numerous soft skills.

The Video Game Creation project was introduced as a pilot project in 2014-15 at the Académie Dunton high school (CSDM). Twenty-two students enrolled. It was such a huge success that 5 other schools joined the program in 2015-16. There are now over 120 participating students, including 20 girls. The Video Game Creation theme for 2016 is New France. 9 prizes will be awarded at the end of the year:

  1. Best video game
  2. Best artistic design
  3. Best sound design
  4. Best game design
  5. Best user interface
  6. Best narrative context
  7. Best use of the theme
  8. Best technical innovation
  9. Best respect of production steps

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By the Numbers

21 mentors

21 schools in Quebec and Ontario

24 coordinators university students or recent graduates

460 youth at risk focus of the project