Comment faire une demande

How to make a project request

Faites-nous part de votre intérêt ! Nous allons par la suite vous fournir les informations nécessaires pour garantir la réalisation d’un projet. Nous serons également disponibles pour répondre à toutes vos questions concernant l’accueil d’un projet dans votre école pour la prochaine année scolaire.

Inform us of your interest! We will then provide you with the necessary information to secure a project. We will also be available to answer any questions you may have about hosting a project in your school for the next school year.

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«  For thirteen years, we have supported school perseverance and helped tens of thousands students expand creativity and passion while in school. We are determined to continue forward on this path while adapting to your new reality.  »

— Lydia Risi, Senior Director of Operations and Philanthropy – Indigenous Communities


  1. To carry out exciting projects with students from elementary school to high school, in urban centres as well as in remote areas, at school, at home or elsewhere, no matter what the school year has in store for us.
  2. To actively engage students learning through an integrated experiential learning model that motivates youth and responds to the educational realities of schools and communities.
  3. To concretely support teachers in their willingness to share their educational matter in an exciting and fun way.
  4. To create unique bonds with our competent and passionate coordinators who are trained and experienced in the programmes they lead.
  5. To spark the passion of youth in fields that inspire them.


Because we believe in the benefits of a strong relationship between the project coordinator, the teachers, and the students, we favour in-person programming human contact.

However, depending on the reality of school environments and the evolution of the health situation, projects can also be carried out virtually or in a hybrid way (in person and remotely).

To maintain a high-quality pedagogical support, all our project coordinators have received pedagogical training on the best practices to encourage students to get involved remotely and favour interactions.

Youth Fusion enhances the services available in our community and creates healthy bonds with our students that are, sometimes, life altering.

Principal, Sautjuit School, Kangirsuk

Youth Fusion helped our class and school in many ways. They created wonderful links with the kids and were great models. The kids especially loved the lunch clubs, leadership, and basically everything they did because of their positive attitude and just a love for kids.

Teacher, Voyageur Memorial Elementary School, Mistissini

I would just like to say thank you for providing our school with such wonderful people to help our students engage in different types of activities than they would normally get to experience !

Vice Principal, Jaanimmarik School, Kuujjuaq

Youth Fusion helped some students that were shy find a passion and ensured that everyone felt welcome and involved. YF also promotes healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle by working with the nutritionists and the youth centre in the community.

Teacher, Willie J. Happyjack Memorial School, Waswanip


Our educational and interdisciplinary programs are fascinating and have an ultimate objective: to have students persevere as they discover their passions and develop their skills.

Our model revolves around hiring full time Project Coordinators to organize regular weekly programming in class, afterschool and in other community settings. The Project Coordinators collaborate with teachers to develop classroom hands-on workshops to support the curriculum. In addition, they work with local organizations to nurture links between the school and the community.

We also support youth building local capacities by hiring and training students as animators who will develop their project management skills and facilitate activities.

The projects have shown to encourage youth’s participation and engagement in school by involving them in stimulating long term projects as well as reoccurring fun activities all year long. In addition, participation in our projects contributes to the development of of new interests and passions, as well as fostering self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.


Discover our programs

Here are the different programs that you can host in your school, grouped into four main areas. You can host one or more programs of your choice.



This program aims to introduce students to the field of entrepreneurship by letting them experience the day-to-day reality of a business that operates in a field they are passionate about. Looking to create a business that will be an added value to their neighbourhood or school community, students take on every step involved in its creation. Throughout the project, students improve their grasp of business-related knowledge, such as its vocabulary as well as financial and promotional plan development, while learning to manage the day-to-day
operations of a business.


The media concentration provides students with an opportunity to explore the world of cinema as well as
all the components related to this industry’s structure. Students get to experience each step of a film production, namely scriptwriting, acting for the camera, handling film equipment, preparing and managing a movie set, seeing to the sound, costume and set design, etc. Other activities may include visual arts, radio club, photography, mural project and student newspaper.


The Elementary Engagement (elementary school) and Healthy Living (high school) concentration provides students with the opportunity to engage in a holistic approach to wellness. Programming includes healthy cooking classes, sports and fitness, Outdoors activities, meditation and relaxation workshops.


This program aims to support the unique needs of First Nations and Inuit students embarking on their post-secondary journey. Project coordinators provide engaging programming focused on nurturing leadership, the promoting healthy living and enhancing community building. This program aims to familiarize students with college facilities and the city, build ties among Indigenous students, and guide students to develop a healthier lifestyle. Programming delivered by the project coordinator in collaboration with animators includes study sessions, stress and time management workshops, physical activity and fitness, healthy cooking, as well as supporting existing initiatives for Indigenous post-secondary students at your college.



The Performing Arts program gives students an outlet for creative self-expression, develops their self-confidence and perseverance, and strengthens links between the school, families, and community. Throughout the school year, Youth Fusion’s project coordinators work alongside local mentors to organize and animate regular music workshops for youth.



The artificial intelligence program introduces students to the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and general technologies by leading them to create an AI based solution to answer a need in society. Through this project, the students will explore the different types of human and machine intelligence, research their concrete applications and learn to effectively position themselves on many ethical issues that arise from intelligence. Finally, the students will conceptualize a business and propose an AI based solution that answers a society’s need by developing a functional prototype.


The Science of the Land project aims to empower students to pursue their curiosity for land-based activities and sciences. The in-class and afterschool activities are a mix of hands-on scientific activities and traditional and cultural activities relating to the land. The collaboration with community members and elders is essential in this project, as they have a deep understanding of the land. With their support and through the organization of multiple expeditions and outings, the youth can develop a further knowledge of the land and survival techniques relating to their environment.


Pour la robotique éducative, Fusion Jeunesse est fier de s’associer à Robotique FIRST Québec afin d’offrir aux écoles admissibles un accompagnement pour participer aux programmes internationaux de la Ligue LEGO FIRST. Ces programmes permettent aux jeunes d’explorer le monde de la science et de la technologie grâce à l’utilisation de la technologie LEGO WeDo 2.0. Les jeunes ont alors l’occasion d’explorer un thème différent chaque année; concevoir une maquette en LEGO contenant au moins une machine simple et un élément motorisé; créer une affiche pour présenter leur équipe et leurs recherches; participer à une exposition pour présenter et partager leurs réalisations.


The Video Game Design program provides students with an opportunity to develop a greater awareness of the fields of technology and design through the creation of a video game from A to Z. As they discover the different components of a video game, students tackle every step of the creative process: developing ideas and prototypes, writing a game design document, carrying out the production, game tests and revisions. They learn to master a range of technological tools connected to the project’s different aspects (sound, visuals, programming, etc.).



This program provides students with the opportunity to explore the field of environmental design, which undertakes to impact the living spaces of citizens by putting environmental and social concerns at the heart of its practice. Students design and carry out an environmental design project in order to create a legacy for both their school and neighbourhood communities. To do so, students conduct an environmental analysis as well as a public consultation. They then design their project thanks to 2D and 3D drawings, whether by hand or with a computer, as well as models and photomontages, which will ultimately lead to the actual construction of the project.


This program introduces students to the disciplines and techniques of the fashion world. Through this project, they learn the fundamentals of fashion illustration, cutting, tailoring, patterning, draping and graphic design, in order to collaboratively develop a five pieces clothing collection, with a supporting portfolio. The end of the project is celebrated by a fashion show before their peers and industry professionals.


General In person Virtual
Youth Fusion’s commitment
  • Hire project coordinators to work an average of 37.5 hours per week, or part-time in urban communities, from September to June.
  • Complete police background checks on selected candidates.
  • Provide an adapted training for each project coordinator.
  • Provide midterm and final reports, including a list of activities and participants to our partners.
  • Secure funding for any given project through regional, provincial, federal and private partners.
  • Deliver engaging pedagogical in person activities, in class and/or after school.
  • Provide health and safety training for each project coordinator.
  • Offer engaging work experience to students through our animators program.
  • Offer online synchronous and asynchronous pedagogical activities.
  • Presence of the coordinator in a virtual classroom and on many communication channels.
  • Provide a collaborative working platform, including interactive creation tools and autonomous exploration activities for students.
  • Organise virtual events, live or broadcasted.
School’s commitment
  • Choose which project your school wishes to have.
  • Financial commitment from the school or school board.
  • Appoint a contact person for Youth Fusion.
  • Facilitate communication with interested teachers who can support the project.
  • Participate in the evaluation process (interview and surveys).
  • Provide a workspace for Youth Fusion’s project coordinator in the school.
  • Provide access to school facilities for activities (classroom, gym, kitchen, etc.).
  • In remote communities, secure adequate housing for the Project Coordinators by the school, if we open the hiring to applicants from outside of the community.
  • Have access to sufficient Internet access and computers to support an online project.
  • Appoint a teacher and a classroom that will be collaborating directly with the Project Coordinator.


Inform us of your interest ! We will then provide you with the necessary information to secure a project. We will also be available to answer any questions you may have about hosting a project in your school for the next school year.

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Leadership and entrepreneurship
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