Digital Arts

Digital Arts

The Program

High school grades 1 to 5
Ontario: grades 7 to 12

This program introduces students to a wide range of digital art practices such as video, photography, audio, interactive installations and immersive experiences, with the goal of creating collective works of art on the same theme. To reach this objective, students are led to investigate, thanks to various types of editing softwares, the different artistic techniques used in the contemporary art world, such as video recording, digital photography, sound recording, augmented reality and the creation of special effects. They also document their creative process in an online art portfolio. Finally, the students organize an art exhibition and present their creations in a grand opening.


  • 0. Groundwork

  • 1. Introducing the project

  • 2. Exploration

  • 3. Ideation

  • 4. Creation

  • 5. Planning for the Grand Opening

  • 6. Grand Opening

  • 7. Participating in the end-of-year event

  • 8. Retrospection

Dès octobre, les jeunes participants au projet en Arts visuels et numériques explorent différentes techniques artistiques grâce à des ateliers hebdomadaires offerts par Fusion Jeunesse. Tout au long de l’année, ils mettent ces techniques en pratique pour créer des œuvres originales en lien avec la thématique annuelle.

By the Numbers

4 mentors

4 schools across Quebec

4 coordinators university students or recent graduates

149 youth at risk focus of the project