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    Digital Journalism

    The program


    This program allows students to explore two important aspects of media: journalistic skills and the use of audiovisual equipment. Throughout the program, youth learn to conduct effective research to detect fake news and validate reliable sources. Then, they will be able to create their own content in the form of a video report, an interview, a newscast, a filmed podcast, street interviews, or a documentary.


    • 0. Groundwork

    • 1. Introducing the project

    • 2. Exploring the media world

    • 3. Introduction to photography

    • 4. Introduction to video

    • 5. Creating a media production

    • 6. Participating in the end-of-year event

    • 7. Retrospection

    By the numbers

    11coordinatorsétudiants universitaires ou récents diplômés


    13participating classes

    475targeted youthfocus of the project


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