Media Production

Media Production

The Program

Elementary grades 2 to 6

This program provides students with an opportunity to explore various aspects of the film and media industry, which leads to numerous creations bringing images and sound together. Students carry out every step involved in the creation of numerous projects, tackling all the key roles of a production team. Throughout the project, students learn how to operate audio and video equipment and apply the rules related to photography composition, screenwriting and sound recording, to ultimately produce various reports, interviews and sets.



  • 0. Groundwork

  • 1. Introducing the project

  • 2. Exploring the media world

  • 3. Introduction to photography

  • 4. Introduction to video

  • 5. Creating a media production

  • 6. Participating in the end-of-year event

  • 7. Retrospection

By the Numbers

6 mentors

12 coordinators university students or recent graduates

19 schools across Quebec and Ontario

1011 youth at risk focus of the project