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    Exhibition Design

    The program


    The program allows the students to become familiar with the museum field and all that surrounds the realization of an exhibition. To do this, they will have to create works and showcase them in a local exhibition of which they will be the designers. They will explore different artistic trends and different types of exhibitions. They will learn several artistic techniques such as painting, drawing and sculpture. In large groups and work teams, they will have to create the concept of their exhibition and their works according to a theme. They will also have to design a virtual or physical model of their exhibition. Finally, they will mount the exhibition they will have designed throughout the year and will organize their opening.


    • 0. Groundwork

    • 1. Introducing the project

    • 2. Exploration of artistic techniques

    • 3. Designing an exhibition

    • 4. Research and ideation

    • 5. Creation and writing

    • 6. Planning for the Grand Opening

    • 7. Grand Opening

    • 8. Participating in the end-of-year event

    • 9. Retrospection

    By the numbers

    3coordinatorsétudiants universitaires ou récents diplômés

    6participating classes

    293targeted youthfocus of the project

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