Science & Engineering

Robotics – FIRST LEGO League – CHALLENGE

Robotics – FIRST LEGO League – CHALLENGE

The Program

Elementary grades 4 to 6
High school grades 1 and 2

For educational robotics, Youth Fusion is proud to partner with Robotique FIRST Québec in order to offer eligible schools support to participate in the FIRST LEGO League international programs. These programs allow the students to explore the world of science and technology through the use of LEGO’s Mindstorms technology.

The students will have the opportunity to explore a different theme each year; design and build a LEGO model containing at least one simple machine and one motorized element; create a poster to present their team and their research; participate in an exhibition to present and share their achievements.

For any questions concerning educational robotics without the support of Youth Fusion, please contact Rachid Abiza, FIRST LEGO League & FIRST LEGO League Jr. Director.

By the Numbers

1 mentors

36 coordinators university students or recent graduates

51 schools across Quebec

1170 youth at risk focus of the project