Top Management Team

Gabriel Bran Lopez
Gabriel Bran Lopez
Founding President
Co-Founder FIRST Robotics Quebec
Lyndsay Daudier
Lyndsay Daudier
Executive Director
Sherlie Chatelier
Sherlie Chatelier
Human Resources Director
Catherine Fisette
Catherine Fisette
Senior director – Public affairs, communications and events
Marilou Cyr-Fournier
Marilou Cyr-Fournier
Senior Director – Operations
Fanny Gérin-Lajoie
Fanny Gérin-Lajoie
Director – Programming, Development and Educationnal Programming
Vivian Lee
Vivian Lee
Director – Operations and Educational Programming – Ontario
Simon Tremblay
Simon Tremblay
Director – Operations and Partnerships – East Quebec
André-Yanne Parent
André-Yanne Parent
Senior Director – Operations and Philanthropy – First Nations and Inuit communities
Martin Regimbald
Martin Regimbald
Regional and Operations Director – Robotique FIRST Quebec
Rachid Abiza
Rachid Abiza
Director – JrFLL and FLL – Robotique FIRST Quebec

Founding president

Gabriel Bran-Lopez

Executive director

Lyndsay Daudier | Email

Strategic advisor

Anna Gisondi | Email

Anne-Claude Michellod Assistant adm. to the President and Executive Director Email | Extension 100


Sherlie Chatelier | Director – Human Resources Email

Laura Fortin | Manager – Partnerships  Email

Sofia Laroussi | Assistant – Partnerships Email

Nathalie Lavigne | Accounting Analyst Email

Maureen Klein | Accounting technician Email

Alicia Racine | Accounting technician Email

Direction public affairs, communications and events

Catherine Fisette | Senior director – Public affairs, communications and events Email

Raphaël Dairon | Graphic designer Email

Marion Daul |  Manager – Communications Email

Marie-Josée Desrosiers | Manager – Events Email

Caroline Rouleau | Project manager – Events Email

Direction of Operations

Marilou Cyr-Fournier | Senior Director – Operations Email

Maude Leclerc | Manager – Volunteering and mentoring Email

Fanny Gérin-Lajoie | Director – Programming, Development and Educationnal Programming Email

Anne Rémillard | Assistant – Programming, Development and Educationnal Programming Email

Ali Douhayni | Project Manager – AlumniEmail | Extension 111

Catherine Fournier | Project Manager – Cinema Email

Emile Fréchette | Program Manager – Video Games Design Email

Philippe-Emmanuel Deslauriers | Program Manager – Artificial Intelligence Email

Chloé Gervais | Project Manager – Video Games Design Email

Emmanuelle Globensky | Program Manager –Environmental Design Email

Hasmig Makdesian | Program Manager- Cinema and Medias Email

Pascal Martineau | Program Manager – Entrepreneurship Email

Isabel Prado-Caro | Program Manager- Fashion Design Email

Sarah Beer | Program Manager – Arts and Culture Email

Stéphanie Provost | Project Manager – Arts and Culture Email

Camille Ross-Williams | Project Coordinator – Programming, evaluation and development Email

Vivian Lee | Director – Operations and Educational Programming – Ontario Email

Patrick Lamontagne | Program Manager – Ontario Email

Scotia Biloski | Program Manager – Northwest Email

Simon Tremblay | Director – Operations and Partnerships – East Quebec Courriel

Fabrice Alcayde | Manager – Development and Partnership – East Quebec Courriel

Direction of Operations and Philanthropy, First Nations and Inuit communities

André-Yanne Parent | Senior Director – Operations and Philanthropy – First Nations and Inuit communities Email

Laura Turmel | Assistant Director – Educational Programming – First Nations communities Email

Matthew Schleck | Assistant Director – Educational Programming – Inuit CommunitiesEmail

Xina Cowan | Development Manager – Indigenous Communities Email

Florence Dontigny-Duplain | Project Manager – Inuit Communities Email

Bailey Watson | Project Manager – First Nations and Inuit Communities Email

Regional and Operations Direction – RFQ

Martin Regimbald | Regional and Operations Director – Robotique FIRST Quebec Email

Rachid Abiza | Director – JrFLL and FLL – Robotique FIRST QuebecEmail

Islam Moharrem | Program Manager – JrFLL and FLL – Robotique FIRST QuebecEmail

John Charlton | Senior technical advisor – Robotique FIRST Quebec Email

Yazid Djenadi | Technical advisor – Robotique FIRST Quebec Email

Erik Huang | Technical advisor – Robotique FIRST Quebec  Email