The « Jeunes d’Affaires » challenge is a project within the Entrepreneurship program designed to connect elementary and high school students with the day-to-day reality of running a business in a field they are passionate about.

The Project coordinator places the students in an environment prone to fostering added value to their endeavours and puts them to work by having them either:

  • create a make-believe company or
  • create a real company

This team project prompts tangibles skills, encourages initiative and nurtures the decision making process.

Main partners

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Students often express a desire to start their first business and learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship.

Our Project coordinators, mostly university students enrolled in management programs, work with these emerging entrepreneurs by helping them tap into their strengths and talents as a means of motivating them to pursue their studies.

Year round, through various workshops and challenges facilitated by mentors from the business community, the students explore the various stages of starting a business, such as, for instance, the business plan:

  • the business idea
  • the market study
  • the marketing plan
  • the HR and operations plan
  • the financial plan
  • drafting and submitting a comprehensive business plan