Science & Engineering

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The Program

High School – 4th and 5th grade

The Artificial Intelligence program provides students with an opportunity to discover the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and technologies in general, and to create an AI solution to a need within our society. Thanks to this project, students will explore the different types of human and machine intelligence, investigate their practical applications and learn to position themselves effectively in relation to the numerous ethical issues involved. Lastly, students will conceptualize a business and provide an AI solution which answers one of our society’s needs by producing a working prototype.


  • 0. Groundwork

  • 1. Introducing the project

  • 2. Artificial intelligence in our societies

  • 3. Introduction to programming

  • 4. Ethics and artificial intelligence

  • 5. Mechanics of artificial intelligence

  • 6. Designing the business and the AI solution

  • 7. Participating in the end-of-year event

  • 8. Retrospection

By the Numbers

6 schools across Quebec

6 coordinators university students or recent graduates

177 youth at risk focus of the project