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    5 reasons to choose Youth Fusion

    1. To carry out exciting projects with students from elementary school to high school, in urban centres as well as in remote areas, at school, at home or elsewhere, no matter what the school year has in store for us.
    2. To actively engage student learning through an integrated experiential learning model that motivates youth and responds to the educational realities of schools and communities.
    3. To concretely support teachers in their willingness to share their educational matter in an exciting and fun way.
    4. To create unique bonds with our competent and passionate coordinators who are trained and experienced in the programmes they lead.
    5. To give students the opportunity to discover new passions in fields that inspire them.

    The 5th year class at Barthélémy-Vimont Primary School had many difficulties in their learning and when it comes to listening to instructions. However, the teacher for this group told me several times that she noticed a transformation in her students during theatre workshops. According to her, the activities shone a light on the creativity and talent of some students who had lots of difficulties in French, and therefore allowed her to see them differently. Moreover, the games allowed her to have fun with her students, whereas she rarely had the chance to do so during a regular day.

    Dramatic Arts at Barthélémy-Vimont School

    My students have learning difficulties. By making them do more concrete activities, they understand better and take part in activities. They have learned to use software such as Photoshop and SketchUp. By doing this, they develop more technical competencies and also develop self-confidence since they can excel.

    Teacher, Environmental Design at Louis-Joseph Papineau High School

    I wondered what a remote theatre class would look like, and Anne-Marie pleasantly surprised me with her exercise suggestions. After the first class, Oli had a light in his eyes while he told me everything. He said: ‘I really liked my class; I do not regret signing up !’ My mom heart melted. I want Oli’s high school to have a theatre company ! =)

    Dramatic Arts at Charles-Bruneau School, parent testimony

    The students at Dalbé-Viau school did not have much motivation. However, as soon as they saw their game become more concrete, even just by implementing a basic animation in their programming, many talents emerged ! In fact, the class is full of artists (Pixel art) ! If the project had made it to the festival, I am convinced that many teams would have won prizes for the aesthetic of their game !

    Coordinator, Video Game Creation at Dalbé-Viau high school

    Even though schools were closed because of Covid-19, several of my students kept working on their project and writing me so I could answer their question. One team in particular was motivated by a student in the group who really wanted to finish their game.

    Coordinator, Video Game Design at Neufchâtel High School

    Connecting with students via TEAMS was really fantastic, I saw it did them good. We did the Me, my shoes workshop, a dynamic activity where students get moving and must invent and present a character from different pairs of shoes that I show them on PowerPoint. The students went all out to incarnate their characters, using accessories and costumes for some of them.

    Coordinator, Coordinator, Dramatic Arts at Barthélémy-Vimont School on the theme: making a character your own using a personal element as a basis (shoes)
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