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    Our fundamental mission is to motivate youth and encourage academic perseverance by offering pedagogical programs that make a difference for the students.

    Since the spring 2020 pandemic, we have done everything we could to make the life of school workers easier with the most flexible projects possible.

    Therefore, we now offer three scenarios: 100% in-person, 100% virtual, and a customized hybrid model. There is also an extracurricular component based on these options. This means activities will continue even if the schools were to close, thus ensuring students and teachers a continuous rollout despite the pandemic.

    Favouring Human Contact

    Because we believe in the benefits of a strong relationship between the project coordinator, the teachers, and the students, we favour in-person human contact.

    However, depending on the reality of school environments and the evolution of the healt situation, projects can also be carried out virtually or in a hybrid way (in person and remotely). To maintain a high-quality pedagogical support, all our project coordinators have received pedagogical training on the best practices to encourage students to get involved remotely and favour interactions.

    The scenario chosen among the options described below must be defined by the project coordinators and the teachers.

      1. 100% in person

      2. Completely in person: all learning is done in class, with the project coordinator and the teacher present.
    1. 100% virtual

        1. Completely virtual: all the activities are done virtually, via an interactive online platform and with
          the animation of a project coordinator, either live or pre-recorded, as well as the support of the teacher.

      Hybrid mode, adapted to your needs and constraints

      1. Augmented in person: learning is done mainly with the students present, but tools and resources are
        available remotely for the students, and some activities are prepared before or after the workshop.
      2. Light in-person: most learning is done in person, but some meetings and activities take
        place remotely, via a new interactive online platform.
      3. Reduced in-person: some learning is done in person, but most meetings and activities
        take place virtually, via an interactive online platform.
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