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    General In person Virtual
    Youth Fusion’s commitment
    • Hire project coordinators to work an average of 37.5 hours per week, or part-time in urban communities, from September to June.
    • Complete police background checks on selected candidates.
    • Provide an adapted training for each project coordinator.
    • Provide midterm and final reports, including a list of activities and participants to our partners.
    • Secure funding for any given project through regional, provincial, federal and private partners.
    • Deliver engaging pedagogical in person activities, in class and/or after school.
    • Provide health and safety training for each project coordinator.
    • Offer engaging work experience to students through our animators program.
    • Offer online synchronous and asynchronous pedagogical activities.
    • Presence of the coordinator in a virtual classroom and on many communication channels.
    • Provide a collaborative working platform, including interactive creation tools and autonomous exploration activities for students.
    • Organise virtual events, live or broadcasted.
    School’s commitment
    • Choose which project your school wishes to have.
    • Financial commitment from the school or school board.
    • Appoint a contact person for Youth Fusion.
    • Facilitate communication with interested teachers who can support the project.
    • Participate in the evaluation process (interview and surveys).
    • Provide a workspace for Youth Fusion’s project coordinator in the school.
    • Provide access to school facilities for activities (classroom, gym, kitchen, etc.).
    • In remote communities, secure adequate housing for the Project Coordinators by the school, if we open the hiring to applicants from outside of the community.
    • Have access to sufficient Internet access and computers to support an online project.
    • Appoint a teacher and a classroom that will be collaborating directly with the Project Coordinator.
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